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MTV has been known for something new always. Its programs are quirky and appealing to the youth. It gives voice to the young blood of India. MTV Campus Diaries is one such show which captures the college stories across India via a digital platform. It focuses on the vibrant hues of the colleges in India, the journeys of the students, etc.

From standing in line for admission to the convocation day, and the small celebrations in between, the show covers all of it. The first two edition of MTV Campus Diaries started with a live broadcast for 365 days, across more than two hundred college campuses in India, via monthly interviews on TV, web stories and social media feeds on college news. It commenced with the new academic year where MTV started a series of fun engagements in various educational institutes, such as flash-mobs, fresher’s parties, college fests, celebrity diaries.

Over 50 colleges participated in the challenges with the end of admissions, MTV launched more exuberance through fresher’s parties. But, colleges had to make way to obtain their own MTV fresher’s bash. Students needed to put their creative caps on and present their idea of unique fresher’s bash to impress MTV. And, MTV was not impressed with four colleges in four cities and, in association with B’lue, hosted the coolest fresher’s party for the colleges across various metro cities.

These parties were broadcasted on TV as well as on digital media. MTV also allowed the youth toblog their campus life experiences on MTV’s official website. MTV has also created video blogs on celebrities remembering their college lives. The 3rd Edition was launched by MTV with Amazon.in, along with Teach for India (TFI) organization on Independence Day, to make the youth aware of the education problems in the country. This time MTV curated a large scale experiences with the colleges in India.

Campus Diaries began scouting the country to discover stories, college festivals around India throughout the year. MTV also helped five Campus Diaries volunteers in each of the Teach for India centres in seven cities which includes -Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. Each volunteer had to work alongside a Teach For India Fellow in the classroom for a total duration of four months. This initiative brought them to empathize with educational crisis in India and also get an understanding of how every TFI Fellow tries to find a solution to this prevailing problem both inside and outside the classroom.

The fourth edition of the MTV Campus Diaries started in 2016 with Dell. Dell Campus Diaries became a national platform that allowed the youths to showcase their talent. The show in its fourth edition brought together students from 300 colleges across India