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Moonshiners is a television reality series that depicts the life of people who produce illegally distilled spirits known as moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Magilla Entertainment presents the show. Jeremy Schwartz is the narrator of the story. The show's first season took place on December 6, 2011, and its second season telecasted on November 7, 2012. Season 3 aired on November 3, 2013. Season 4 took place on November 4, 2014. Season 5 was telecast on November 17, 2015. Season 8 was scheduled for January 2, 2019. They announced that the ninth season would premiere on November 19, 2019.

This show prolongs for 185 episodes in which seven in the first season, fifteen in the second season, twenty in the third season, twenty- four in the fourth season, eighteen in the fifth season, twenty-two in the sixth season, thirty in the seventh season, twenty-eighth in the eighth season and twenty in the ninth season. This show explains their ways of liquor production and the techniques used by them to evade the laws and struggling life led by them. Many local people claimed as the matters portrayed are not as real as it to be. The authorities of Virginia have answered that there is no such kind of production of illegal liquor by the people as telecasted in the show. But even the producers of the show reveal that the documentary is about the real content.

Tim, Mark, Josh, Tickle, Jeff, and Lance are some main cast of the show. There are many other supporting artists for the show over nine seasons. There are different titles for each episode of the show. It has an immense history behind the origination of this illegal drink. However, this spirit is illegal to produce, sell, and import. The channel plays a challenging role to shoot the process. The production office reveals that it is no more complex to compete with rival shiners and evade law enforcement in those remote areas. There are many secret distilling operations to produce moonshine. Tickle, Henry, and Kenny make up a crew to create high-proof, high-dollar liquor. Tickle’s best friend and legal shiner, Tim Smith, finds it difficult to maintain the real fascination of their past partnership on the crime happenings. After the re-entry of legendary shiner Popcorn Sutton’s multi-grain moonshine, Mark and Digger try to explore a new variety of drink decades ahead of its time.

It’s the most difficult challenge they undergo, and one that tests their skills as a rival shiner. Mike and Daniel face hardships after an injury disrupts their massive backwoods build and experiences a wedge in their partnership. Josh slides in his try and finds a new partner to help achieve his most ambitious goal still site yet, prolonging over four generations of family tradition in outlaw moonshine. Overall, these restrictions and disasters, moonshine is still produced and sold in the countries. Upon the legal issues, the channel is continuing the journey for nine episodes with moonshiners.