English Tv Show Man Woman Wild

Man Woman Wild Tamil TV SHOWS on Discovery Channel

So, how many of you can imagine about not only coming out of your comfort zone but also to survive in a deserted area or a forest and leading a life of a jungle boy/girl?

Also, don't take the situation to be just a camping or trekking fun with a bag full of all your requirements but instead imagine being out of all the basic resources like food, clothes and water.

Happily married couples are those who are thought to be enjoying their married life with each other by spending their vacations or some quality time together in a peaceful and pleasant place. But Mykel Hawke and Ruth England is the only couple whom you will find spending their vacation on the lap of the Mother Nature with the situation that I had given you at the starting of this writing.

They are the most daring couple who shows you how to survive say with no resources or any other external help along with you. Man, women, wild was a reality show which was aired in the month of July 2010 to January 2012 on Discovery channel.

The show was based on one of the married couples that is Mykel Hawke who is a former US Army special forces survival expert teaching his wife, a television journalist star Ruth, several survival skills with limited resources. The different survival skills or techniques taught by Mykel to Ruth included the starting of a fire without the use of the modern implements like matches and lighters, purifying the impure water with the help of natural sources, eating the non-traditional food or say the unimaginable food in the most unusual way like insects, snakes and also wild plants, all just for the sake of survival.

The whole journey of Mykel and Ruth was indeed very challenging and dangerous. It can be counted as one of the toughest reality shows on T.V. Safety was a prime factor or a need throughout the show; hence a first-aid or an emergency crew was always present 24/7.

The show received both positive and negative feedback from its many viewers. Because the show was both entertaining, challenging, thrilling and at the same time it used to put a certain pressure upon its viewers which was not counted as something appropriate by many people.

Darwin's survival of the fittest theory is thus can be said to be proved by Mykel and Ruth, as they show us how hard it is actually to survive in the real world.