English Tv Show Mad Dogs Series 4

Mad Dogs Series 4 English TV SERIALS on SKY

The fourth and final season of the British television show, Mad Dogs premiered on 28 December 2013. The season only consisted of two episodes which aired on two consecutive days. Throughout its short run of 14 episodes, it aired on Sky1 channel of Britain. The show follows a group of friends who decide to get together for a reunion. However, things don’t turn out like they imagined when a member of their group, Alvo is murdered. Till date, it is the highest rated show on the channel, and thus they have kept the broadcast rights to themselves.

The final season starts off with Emma, Baxter’s daughter’s wedding. Good times are not to last as new information comes to light that Quinn tried to sell Alvo’s home without the consent of his other friends. Moreover, he signed off on their behalf as well. Fast forwarding two months, in a total shocker we see Quinn’s wife Christiane getting killed by Dominic who is also the enemy of the four – Lloyd, Rick, Steve ,and Quinn. After they find out about his wife, it becomes clear to them that this is, in fact, the work of the drug smugglers and they go into hiding. But, by a dramatic turn of events, Dominic captures them all and presumably, executes them on the beach.

The ending of the show, however, is vague and not at all self-explanatory. The last moments see the four not being executed by the smugglers and instead, when they open their eyes and take out their hoods, they are all alone on the beach. The creator of the show later explained the ending saying they were executed right then and there, and it was their souls which experienced the that.

The theme and tone of the show grew darker as the story progressed which kept the audiences engrossed. Even though it had a small fan base overall, it is still amongst the best in television. It now secures a 7.6 positive rating on IMDb.