English Tv Show Lost Season 4

“Lost” is an American Television series broadcast by ABC (American Broadcasting Company). The show premiered on September 22, 2004, and concluded on May 23, 2010. The show consisted of six seasons. The story follows the after math of a plane crash flying from Sydney to Los Angeles. The survivors are stranded in an island. The island contains supernatural and mythical elements. The series usually follows patterns of flash backs and flash forwards in describing the events as well as the lives of the survivors. The survivors find out that the island is inhabited by a group of people known as the others. Their lives are also threatened by the smoke monster. The main characters are Jack Fox (a doctor), Kate Austen (a fugitive), Hurley Reyes (a lottery winner), John Locke, Charlie Pace (ex-English rock star) along with Desmond Hume and Ben Linus.

There are other characters who appear and exit in different seasons. The series was a huge success and was praised by the critics. The show won Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, Award for Outstanding Drama Series and numerous others. During the first three seasons, the survivors learn about the island and the creatures existing in the Island. There is a power struggle between Jack and John Locke. They also come across a mysterious hatch buried underground. It is revealed that in the hatch, a man known as Desmond Hume is living. The hatch is a research station developed by Dharma Initiative to carry out experiments on the Island. Benjamin Linus is the leader of the others, and Jack operates him as he has cancer. Desmond Hume after preventing the electromagnetic event begins to time travel.

When he returns to the present, he can see the future. The fourth season began on January 31, 2008, and reached its finale on May 29, 2008. It consists of 14 episodes. There are 16 main characters in this season. This season is famous for its flash-forwards. There are a group of people who arrive on a freighter to regain the control of the island from the others. The groups split into two, one led by Jack and the other by Locke. John is now the leader of the others. There are flashbacks that reveal the past lives of the people who arrived in the freighter. The season follows the future lives of the six survivors who escape the island. They are known as the oceanic six. Ben moves the wheel which transports them to Sahara and they escape. The season ends with a depressed Jack attending the funeral of John Locke who had been seeking the survivors to go back to the Island.