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Last Man Standing English TV SHOWS on Discovery Channel

Last Man Standing is a television show that is based on athletics. It is known by the name Last One Standing in the United States and by Six Versus the World on Discovery Channel. The show is a BBC reality television series. It began to air on 26th June 2007. The concept of the series totally revolves around various athletic activities that take place all around the world. Every season has about six such people who take a tour all around the world and participate in various traditional or tribal sports. The winner is also declared on the basis of the performance. The one who is able to defeat or overpower the other on terms of their physical strength or capability is the one who wins at the end. The beginning of each series sees the six members or contestants meeting a new society where they interact with the head of the group.

They also get to know about the sport that they will have to deal with or in which they have to participate. The aspect is not just related to the competition or the sport but also they have to stay and live with the villagers who will train them for fitness and give them tricks regarding the contest. The participants also take part in the local rituals and ceremonies. Usually, the contestants are divided into two camps and with each group under one trainer. Sometimes there are eliminations where only those contestants that are able to impress their coach make it to the next level of participating in the final competition which is a regional one or showpiece event or also from a neighbouring village.

In the final competition phase, the contestant who performs the best in the actual contest is the one who is declared the winner for that week. These athletics that take place are not regular ones that are famous all around the world but rather the journey made is to very remote areas in the world. The competitions are also ancient sporting events or festivals which are some of the toughest ones in the world which are immensely difficult to perform. There have been three series under this show. The first was one by Jason Bennett, the second by Wole Adesemoye and the third one which was the Last Woman Standing was won by Anna Campbell. The first one had eight episodes followed by 10 and 6 in the second and third seasons. In India, the show airs on the Discovery Channel with the timing being 60 minutes.