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House Season 2 English TV SHOWS on Fox

The season 2 of House (a medical drama series) has been very successful with an episode called “No Reason” getting over twenty-five million views. Largest at this point for the show and as for acclamation, the writer of the series- Lawrence Kaplow won Writers Guild of America Award for an episode named “Autopsy”. The show in total consists of 24 episodes and was launched on 13th September 2005 and continued until May 23, 2006. The season begins with Doctor House reflects on his past while he was desperately trying to cope up with his feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Stacy Warner since diagnosing her husband with AIP disorder(in the first season).

Throughout the show, he tries to win back her affections; and in the process, he tries many crazy things from killing a rat in order to impress her to stealing the files from her therapist to get intel on her. Whether all his efforts will eventually get her back or not, that’s to be seen. Not only his, but we also find character development of his mates like Foreman and the stories leading to each are quite fascinating. The issue underlying deal with many issues of ethics concerning his patients; whether the death penalty is just, should doctors give the same treatment to a death row inmate and any other patient and so on, and the challenging decisions the doctor have to take.

The show will also probe into the effects of self-doubt that one faces in one’s life and how to act at those times. All in all, it was an all-around season we find the finale indicating the story of the further seasons to come. As for the reviews, the season received mostly positive acclaim with some issues like long screen time provided to the doctor’s mates which are not as intriguing as him. The show has enough episodes to deal with a large number of medical issues and their underlying psychological connotations that go with them.

There is one episode where House is battling with God himself over a case involving a teenage preacher and the discussion that goes through. Parents of the main characters are also being involved each having their own medical issues (and possibly fatal), making episodes more sentimental as we go. The acting is very high-toned and theatrical, giving a dramatic feel to it. So overall a well-crafted story, full of crazy and never ending slice of life is what you are up for, and that’s just for starters. A definite worth the watch.