English Tv Show House Of Cards Season 2

House Of Cards Season 2	 English TV SHOWS on NETFLIX

A Netflix premiered American television drama, House of Cards, following its great success in the first, has geared up thirteen episodes to dazzle the viewers with the political ferocity of the characters in the second season. Each scene of every episode is blanketed with characters’ merciless ambition, brutal egotism and ruthless pragmatism or for want of a single phrase, “one is just in for a ride”. It feels that one can’t get enough of it.

The show starts amidst the Underwoods tackling two threats to their plans, with the journalist group (Zoe, Jackie and Lucas) search for any clue to unravel their evil plans. The episodes are fast and quick in action which is iconic to the show. In the first episode itself, Francis killed someone who knew something that she would not have, clearly showing how gruesome the series is going to get. Lucas, who is grief-stricken after the death of his girlfriend, now carries on with the investigations, on her footsteps, in exposing the crimes of the great Vice President.

There is a political war going on between Frank and Tusk creating much tension in the oval office, and it will be exciting to see how Frank reacts to get out of the situation. If that wasn’t enough her wife Claire, who is CEO of clear water initiative, works toe and toe with her husband, plans to remove ex-employee Gillian Cole from her path, who is suing her for unfair dismissal.

Claire had an interview with a doctor for genetic tests which is part of the plan and– not because she was worried whether will have any affects of their kids and family, rather she desired to know about the drugs her adversary Gillian needed. A new character Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker), who holds the position of new House Majority Whip, after Frank resigned, eventually gets succumbed into his plans. The show will go on to question the dark truths about democracy in the existing world, how people in power see others who are not and how easily one can do evil wearing the mask of justice and pragmatism.

The show has been praised by many politicians around the globe and it almost presumed that the writer or the actors had some politician in their mind in framing the whole story to which Kevin Spacey clearly dismissed, saying they are all unravelling the Frank character as the show proceeds. The show equally hits high on the entertainment scale, with each episode the expectation and suspense rises; though the series could have been better if some storylines were more developed and many characters’ roles seem so out of context but apart from that the show is a full package. A political masterpiece to say the least.