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The Show opens with Francis Underwood (Frank,a congressman) showing his merciless sober-mindedness by killing a misery pet pooch with his exposed hands while disclosing to the public, how there are times when we oblige somebody to do an offensive yet important task. Underwood is an eager-for-power Democratic Congressman from South Carolina and House dominant. President Garrett Walker selected him as the Secretary of State after he secured his election. Underwood is crushed to discover that he is being disregarded.

Head of Staff Linda Vasquez tells Frank that the President needs him to advance his plan in Congress and won't respect their assertion. Internally fuming, Underwood rapidly picks up control of his outrage and shrouds his failure to present himself as a supportive lieutenant to the President. Truly, Underwood starts an intricate arrangement in the face of the President's good faith, with a definitive objective of picking up power for himself. Claire is Underwood's wife, who runs a NGO named `the Clean Water Initiative´. But her aims are not made unequivocal. She appears to utilise her philanthropy to develop her own particular power and impact, yet its definitive reason stays obscure.

In the premiering episode, she considers the philanthropy to have excessively constrained an impression. Quick to be on the global stage, she chooses to change her association to one that backings universal trying to give clean water. This is met with awesome hesitations by her office director. Claire guides her to terminate CWI workers, cutting the staff significantly. Toward the end of the week, she registers with ask how the procedure went and afterwards advises the supervisor that she is also fired. It is clear from the beginning that Claire offers both Frank's heartless, desire for power and his ruthless pragmatism. Francis starts a very unpredictable strategy to get a bureau position, gaining pawns he can control in his strategic manoeuvre.

He starts an advantageous, and at last sexual association with Zoe Barnes, who is an aggressive youthful political columnist, and after that reaches a settlement with her that she will distribute harming stories he spills about his political opponents. In the meantime, he controls Peter Russo, who is a Congressman from Pennsylvania and a vexed alcoholic, into undermining Walker's pick for the position of Secretary of State. Francis in the long run has Kern supplanted with his own particular decision, Senator Catherine Durant. He additionally utilises Russo as a part of a plot to end a strike by teachers and pass a bill, which enhances his position with President Walker. Since the new Vice President is the previous legislative head of Pennsylvania, a unique election is held for Senator.

Francis helps Russo get tidy and props up his appointment yet later uses a girl Rachel Posner to break his moderation and trigger his destruction in a matter of seconds before the decision of the election, by Russo's being intoxicated while showing up on a Radio Show. Upset, Russo chooses to offer some kind of reparation for his disappointment by telling the truth to the press about his part in Underwood's plans. Accordingly, Frank murders Russo by leaving him in a shut carport with his running car, making him pass on of carbon monoxide harming.

With the Pennsylvania election in disorder, Francis persuades the VP to venture down and keep running for his old position of representative– leaving the position open to him,which was his plan from the start. However, President Walker seems to have different strategies. Francis winds up verifying a shocking decision for VP: Raymond Tusk. Tusk uncovers that he is really assessing Frank for VP and has been a nearby counsellor and Walker's friend for a long time.

Tusk shows that he proposed that Walker break his consent to make Frank the Secretary of State. He clarifies that he will impact Walker to select Underwood if Underwood consents to perform one anonymous support for him that will profit Tusk's money related premiums. Underwood, after some thinking, counterproposes Tusk that they cooperate to satisfy both their interests and Tusk acknowledges. In the interim, after Frank closes their issue, Zoe starts sorting out intimations about hiss plotting. The first Season of the Show closes when Francis accepts the nomination for the position of Vice President.