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Homeland Season 3 is an American Drama Series. The third Season aired on 29th September 2013 on the Channel Showtime and finished up on 15th December 2013. The Season comprised of 12 episodes. The Show is similar to the Israeli TV Show Hatufim ( means Prisoners of War in English), made by Gideon Raff. Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa are the Producers of the American version of this Show. The start of the third Season introduces the repercussions of a fear based oppressor assault by Abu Nazir's organisation.

Carrie is rebuked for the CIA's failings as Senator Lockhart accuses Saul,the new Acting Director of the CIA, in meeting with the Senate Committee. But it ended up being a piece of a greater plot, as Saul had Carrie apparently denied by the CIA to bait a senior Iranian insight officer Majid Javadi into turning into a CIA resource. He later gave the data to Carrie that the fundamental culprit of the bombarding was still in the United States, and the CIA acted to bring the genuine plane and the officer's legal counsellors in for addressing.

As Brody's family battles to live inside their methods while he is being chased as a terrorist. Brody is secluded from everything in Caracas, Venezuela, being held detainee by his captors until Saul comes. Taking after a shot injury to the middle, they give Brody heroin as a painkiller, which later become his addiction. Saul in the end, safeguards him, helps him get sober, and makes him volunteer for a mission. He tells him to go to Iran and utilise his reputation as the "Langley Bomber" to get a chance to meet Danesh Akbari.

Akbari was the present leader of the Revolutionary Guard, to kill him. After Brody openly proclaims that he is looking for shelter in Iran, they take him to meet Akbari, but unfortunately he misses to go sufficiently near to kill him. Accepting that Brody will never have another chance to finish his goal, senior CIA officers arrange his death mission. However, with assistance from Carrie, Brody runs away to find Akbari himself, guaranteeing to have secret data about Javadi.

Amid the meeting, Brody strikes Akbari and chokes him to death. The CIA Director Lockhart surrenders their area to the Revolutionary Guard with the goal to expand Javadi's odds to promote. Brody is then hanged in front of an open public. Lockhart declines to put a star on the remembrance wall to celebrate Brody, so Carrie draws one on the commemoration wall. Claire Danes play's the role of Carrie Mathison. She is a CIA officer doled out to the counter-terrorism Center.

Nicholas Brody is a U.S. Marine Scout Sniper and a Marine Sergeant. The Al-Qaeda held him as a prisoner for eight years, before the Delta Force rescued him. This role is done by Damian Lewis. Rupert Friend plays Peter Quinn, who is a CIA dark operations SAD/SAG agent. The 3rd Season of Homeland turned into the 1st Show on the Channel Showtime to outperform 7 million aggregate viewers weekly. The Finale of Season 3 entitled "The Star" was the most noteworthy evaluated episode to date. It had more than two million viewers for the first telecast.