English Tv Show Highway On My Plate

Highway On My Plate English TV SHOWS on NDTV Good Times

Highway on my plate is a food travelogue genre show which screens on the channel NDTV Good Times. The show has been presented by Rocky Singh Rocky Singh is an author, and an anchor well known >> Read More... and Mayur Sharma Bio coming soon... >> Read More... who have traveled more than 120,000 km in search of the best food. It started in 2007 and still continues to be screened on NDTV Good Times at 8.00 AM and then again at 9.30 PM. The most impressive part of this show has to be the chemistry between Rocky and Mayur who have hosted two other shows called ‘India’s most haunted’ and ‘Jai Hind.’ Highway on my plate is not just some regular entertainment TV show, but it also provides grading to restaurants by of their ambiance, food, service and the value for money on a scale of 1-10. The hosts provide a strong structure and point out every single detail about the food they taste while they travel.

It is the country’s first counselor to back roads Dhabas and roadside restaurants. “Highway on a plate” book has also been published by Rocky Singh and is available on various online sites; it is one of the top sellers. The unorthodox style of humor and the camaraderie between the two hosts is what makes this show so illustrated. Highway on my plate is a prodigious paragon to reflect that with interest and willpower, you can even make a career with the most basic things such as traveling and food. Much like their expedition hobbies, their videos are spread all across online platforms too. The 22 minutes episodes continue to be directed by Tenn-Speed TV India productions.

The hosts, on their Facebook page also ask for suggestions of the viewers which helps them to stay in touch with the viewers as well. Highway on my plate has won many awards including Indian Telly Jury Award for the best travel show leaving ‘ Foodistan Foodistan was a cooking show aired on NDTV good ti >> Read More... ,’ ‘Truth vs. Hype’ and ‘The Car and Bike show’ behind. Put on a pedestal by the whole country; you might even see their posters and photos in various famous restaurants close to you. Highway on the plate is a must watch if you want to know meticulous details about the restaurant or dhaba where you want to fill your tummy up or take your loved ones too. Being the most viewed show on NDTV Good Times, this show is sure to make you ravenous and crave for good food.