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Girl Code is an exceptionally uncommon and informative television series. It aired on MTV. This show popped in as a spin-off of the highly entertaining show 'Guy Code'. The concept of the show is quite simple. It revolves around women and the bond they share with each other. Many known and unknown faces made appearances on the show. They all come forward and put forth their opinions.

This show is raw and addictive. It keeps the viewers glued to their seats and occasionally throws their way extreme bouts of laughter! Intelligent females ranging from stand-up comics, actresses, and musicians- all made appearances on the show! Laura Murphy directed this unique project. Brian Quill gave the theme music for the entire series. Each episode ran for 22 minutes. The third season came in April 2014, almost two years post the launch of the first season. It ended the same year in the month of December. This season had a total of 15 episodes which was the least as compared to the other three seasons.

The cast included Alesha Renee, Alice Wetterlund, Andrew Schulz, Carly Aquilino and Chris Distefano. Jamie Lee, Charlamagne Tha God, Tanisha Long, Nessa, Nicole Byer, Quinn Marcus, and Shalyah Evans delivered exquisite performances as well. These faces have been consistent in all the four seasons of the show. Other celebrities like Jade Catta, Esther Ku, Awkwafina, Annie Lederman, Melanie Iglesias, and Jordan Carlos Jordan Carlos is a stand-up comedian, who played a >> Read More... starred in this season.

The third season dealt with various topics and subjects of discussions. 'Back to School' depicted the excitement, tension, and apprehension one goes through while returning to school. 'Your Sexuality' boldly talked about women's features and the beauty that lies in embracing oneself. 'Divorce' was the usual drama and the depiction of the plethora of emotions this subject brings over. It affects not only the partners involved but the kith kin as well. 'Strength' was all about discovering your inner abilities and fighting for your beliefs, both of which are essential factors in a woman's life. ' Race Click to look into! >> Read More... ' talked about the work pressure we all face at some point or the other. 'Being Healthy' as the name suggests, talked about health-related tips. 'Girl Power' propelled women to realize what they have and rejuvenated their latent energy. 'Money' made us question the importance of this object in our life. 'Humor' brought in the sunshine and ' Vacation Click to look into! >> Read More... ' introduced the significance of a break. Other episodes like 'Bad Relationships,’ 'Self Expression,’ and 'Bad Girl' were quirky too and taught us some essential lessons!