English Tv Show Girl Code Season 2

Girl Code Season 2 English TV SHOWS on M TV

Girl Code is an American TV series that features mostly females and a few males talking about everything and anything which girls face in day to day life. It talks about age-old questions and theories that revolve around girls. Situations they frequently find themselves in and how they react to it. The amazing part is that the females casting in the show are diverse so that you can relate yourself with them. There are Asians, Brunettes, Blondes, Blacks, Jews, Christian, Atheist, Fat, Slim and everyone you can imagine. You get to know the point of views of different people on an issue stuck in your mind or never have thought of, and the best part is one can also know a guy’s point upon the matter, helps you to know the difference. It’s humorous to watch a guy talking about the pain during period and you are like “whoa!! Boy, you have no idea.”

Girl code is mainly a bunch of people answering the questions about women who are usually unanswered. The fun part is they talk about something which we deep in our heart thought we were the only one who does that and they give a mind blowing response to that and are awestruck that we never knew the fact. They somehow guide the audience to choose what they want and not to be influenced by others because here girls make their particular rules. The girl code is just like Barney setting up rules for the bro code in “How I Met Your Mother”, but the only difference is women make these rulebooks depending on their experiences, which means they are already thoroughly checked.

Guys always wanted a manual to understand girls, well they have it now. Now they can break the stereotypical facts they always heard and step into the real world. They get to learn how a girl will handle a situation. The best thing about the show is “i can’t”. It’s all about girls making fun of things girls do (stereotypically), and you find yourself giggling to it because either at some point in life you have done it and you are embarrassed about it, or you have seen others doing that, and you are like “mutual feeling dear!”. The series is extremely comedy and a window to a girl’s life. Guys, there is a lot going on, and there is a lot to learn and season 2 is taking it to another level.