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Game On Singapore is a reality game show. No of teams:4 No of Episodes:4 Rocky &Mayur the Delhi-based duo popularly known as the “Highwaymen.” The duo takes the teams and the viewers on a high energy ride around the Lion City in the course of the show. It is a fast-paced reality game show, that is a mix of nature, culture and adventure in Singapore as four teams will be competing to win the challenges, and the team which emerges victorious in the end will win the grand prize of a cruise trip for two. Rocky and Mayur will be guiding the teams on their journey being their usual quirky selves while four teams of two each are going to have an exciting and adventurous trip around the city.

Team 1 Fashionistas: Prerna&Sakshi This team is a mother-daughter duo from Mumbai. Prerna is a 26-year-old Mumbai-based journalist, and Sakshi is a 53-year-old homemaker.

Team 2 Band Baja: Kanak &Amogh This team is a musician duo from Mumbai. Kanak &Amogh are both 23-year-old musicians from Mumbai.

Team 3 Jockeys: Melvin & Rebecca This team is a pair of a VJ & RJ. Melvin is a 30-year-old Delhi-based radio jockey, and Rebecca is a 26-year-old video jockey from Chennai.

Team 4 Designer Duo: Ishita&Ragini This is a team of two 26-year-old designers from new Delhi.

The first challenge was faced as the teams landed at the Changi airport, team designer duo was missing for the first challenge. The other three teams had to race against time to reach to the sunflower garden at T2 of Changi airport and find their clue to the next spot which was the butterfly garden; team Jockeys won the First challenge of the game. The second challenge team designer duo joined the race; they had to perform an extra task due to their absence in the previous task. The Jockeys get ten mins’ extra bonus time.

The fashionistas and Jockeys will go Long Way Down to the Kim Choo Dumpling Shop at East Coast and make ten perfect dumplings. The Band Baja & Designer Duo will go the TOUGH WAY AROUND to Albert Mall at Bugis Street, collect their cues and tags and head to Tai Chong Kok (Chinese Bakery) in Chinatown. All teams had to make graffiti while riding a skateboard while the fashionistas were waiting tables and trying to get the orders right, to get ahead in the game. Team Band Baja completed the graffiti challenge first, following them the designer duo came second, Jockeys third and Fashionistas Fourth.

Challenge Three, the teams, will be blindfolded and are supposed to prepare a traditional drink after a master class following that they dwell into a pair challenge. Jockeys are at the first position after their win in the third challenge. The finale comes with a thrill; teams need to hunt for three symbols of Singapore from across the island. One team member needs to kayak to the marked place and back to win the first symbol -the Durian. They head to Sentosa Island for their search of orchid and Merlion.

The next symbol orchid is at the beach, the partner who did not kayak will now go to the beach for the further hunt; they go ahead to the beautiful Singapore Palawan beach which is also their final destination. The last task for the teams was to dig and hunt for the last symbol the Merlion. The designer duos ended the game on Singapore journey with their dashing win. Winners-Designer Duo.