English Tv Show Food Factory

Food Factory English TV SHOWS on Discovery Channel

Food factory is a show that was aired on the Discovery channel. The show features favorite Canadian food products. It shows the viewers a detailed version of how their favorite food are being made in factories and portrays the effort behind the factories of making a processed food item. As most of the people have the curiosity of how their daily used food item or favorite food is prepared to start from tomato sauce to burgers. This show is found beneficial for the viewers as the narrators clearly showcase and briefly explain the behind the scene process in factories and the machines used. The show clearly shows how each product is made from scratch as in one episode, they show a chip-making factory where they explain the place the potatoes are harvested and how it is made into chips by use of various huge machines.

As all of us know, a chips company would launch in different unique flavors and how to wonder what will be the secret recipes for the preparation of these chips. This show portrays the effort indulged in acquiring the flavor from various vegetables and herbs. The source of the raw materials in making the food and the days it takes to complete the finished products are all explored and shown in this show. This show has a total of six seasons with 128 episodes wherein each episode the viewers discover the techniques behind in making their favorite foods. The viewers also get to know about their festival favorite foods for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. This show was co- narrated by Colleen and Todd. The famous show was also produced by Cineflix.