English Tv Show Entourage Season 6

The whole series is about a guy who wants the fame everyone craves for, to become a well-known celebrity. Less he knows the problems apart from the glamour world and girls surrounding him. Vincent Chase whose first movie head on the hit like a blaze is looking for new movies with his friend E and agent E. The series shows everything from the glamour of the Hollywood to the problems he is going to face. Being a admired star Vincent is always encircled by girls, and now and then he changes his girlfriend and moves ahead. In the sixth season Vince after starring in the famous The Great Gatsby has become an A-list actor, and now looking for new projects like Enzo Ferrari biopic. In this season he is mostly relaxing his gut out.

The show revolves around E whose ex-girlfriend prompted him to move out from his comfort zone and he shuts down his company and tries to work with a veteran manager, but he has to face difficulties in every step his coworker is not very happy to work beside him and loathes his guts. Eric is trying everything to get his ex Sloan back to him. Meanwhile, Turtle goes back to college to complete his dream of owning a business.

His girlfriend Jamie Lyn and he are still together in the best terms. In college, he is starting to become well-liked, and girls are digging for him. Later on, he is approached and seduced by Brooke but realising his love is true for Jamie, he blew her off. A little while later Jamie is given an opportunity of her life to go to New Zealand for a lead role. Thinking of the consequences of long-distance relationship she leaves Turtle breaking his heart. The show features Jamie in the five towns show with Vince’s half-brother, Drama. Pleased to meet him she starred as a guest celebrity. Coakley, the head of the production sees Jamie and fascinates her.

He jokes around drama about wanting to have sex with her, Drama couldn’t control the anger and hits him square on his face, which naturally inflated despise in Coakley’s mind, and he decided to make Drama suffer for what he did by ending his character in the show. And the season ends with Vince and Drama going to shoot the biopic in Rome; turtle decides to meet them in Rome only. E stays behind as he has successfully won Sloan back and going to marry her.