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“It is a universal dream to fly like a bird”, begins David Tennant. Indeed, it is. David Tennant is the narrator of our BBC based documentary named Earthflight. He is a Scottish actor and voice actor well known for his role as the 10th doctor in the British television series ‘Doctor Who’. He also stars in ‘Broadchurch’ and ‘Jessica Jones’. Earthflight, in a nutshell, is a voyage around the world covering 6 continents in 5 episodes, flying along with birds. It is the first in this category of the documentary that makes the viewers see the globe from a bird’s eye.

The first episode was aired on 29th December, 2012 on BBC One and the last one came into the channel on 29th January, 2013. 7 months later, PBS, an American broadcaster and distributor aired the entire series with re-recorded narration under the title ‘Earthflight, A Nature Special Presentation’. John Downer is the producer of the series along with Robert Pilley and Philip Danton having produced segments 1, 2, 5 and 3, 4 respectively. An episode runs up to 60 minutes covering most of the countries in a particular continent. The final video of the series shows ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpses that explain's how the entire season has been shot.

The directors have used exceptional filming techniques including microlight aircraft's, modern glider planes, and helicopter drones. In some cases, tiny HD cameras were fit on the backs of trained birds. It took around 4 years to film the series covering more than 40 countries from the world. Various species of birds were filmed in the documentary; the most common being snow geese, bald eagles, falcons, gannets, cranes, condors, scarlet macaws etc.

The birds in the first episode travelled across the Great Plains, Maui, Niagara Falls, The Great Canyon etc. of North America. The second episode similarly has covered Africa. The third episode journeyed over Sardinia, Santorini, Zurich, Athens, Venice, Paris, Rome etc. of Europe. The birds in episode 4 flew over Puno, Machu Picchu, Easter Island, Salvador, San Andres, Galapagos Islands, Rio de Janerio, Salta etc. in the continent of South America.

Episode 5 voyaged past the largest and the smallest continent of Earth. The last but one episode of the series elucidated the inter-relationship between birds and human beings; the techniques and procedures followed during the filming; the idea of using technology in a rather intelligent manner and so on. Earthflight is credited for having captured the most enthralling pictures of certain destinations, giving the watchers a once-in-a-lifetime-experience.