English Tv Show Chakh Le India - Kachcha Raasta

Chakh Le India - Kachcha Raasta  Hindi OTHERS on NDTV Good Times

Chakh Le India-KachchaRaasta is a travel based cookery show exploring the food culture of India. The show premiered on NDTV Good Times channel and is a sequence of a famous series called Chak Le India. In this new season, Aditya hits the less traveled roads of India in the pursuit of authentic flavors along with his traveling kitchen. Aditya Bal, a television food show host and predominantly a self-taught culinarian, anchor the show. He takes viewers on a vivid journey of north Indian states to discover the secret behind their delicious foods and learn their old cooking techniques.

His first stop is Uttar Pradesh where he perceives the secrecy behind the famous Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow, figuring out the magic of Mughlai kitchens and trying his hand on mouth-watering local sweets from Kashi. After having completed his quest for famous kormas and kebab, he moves to the next destination. The next stop is further north of Jammu & Kashmir, where Bal eats and cook his way through a heavenly scenic view of hilly villages looking for some great Dogri food.

Continuing his campaign in the quest for authentic foods and unexplored secrets of Indian cuisine, he further moves to Madhya Pradesh, the heartland of India. Aditya Balis a celebrated chef and author of a book named ‘The Chakh Le India: Cookbook’ and even hosted a show by the name ‘The Chakh Le India’. During the initial phase if his culinary career, he trained at a Goan, Mediterranean and even at an Italian restaurant. He enjoys adventure tours and love to try the varieties of Indian street food. Recently he hosted a show called ‘Chak Le Academy,’ on NDTV good Times. The show is a delightful watch for the food lovers and has won an accolade for the best cookery show at IndianTelly Awards, 2010.