English Tv Show Catfish Season 1

Catfish Season 1 English TV SHOWS on M TV

The TV Show premiered on November 12, 2012. The show is hosts are Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. The show is a reality based documentary which is inspired from the movie Catfish. The show aired on MTV.(source Wikipedia) Synopsis A person who creates fake social media personal profiles by reflecting false profile to another person behind the transcendence screen and mainly intend to gain profit from the people at a personal and capital scale is known as ‘Catfish’. The season aired with total 12 episodes and each of them with a different plot and different characters. The first episode which aired on November 12, 2012, came up with a story of a nursing student named as Sunny who fell in love with a model ‘Jamison' and the interesting part is that he fell in love with him chatting on Facebook. 

The feeling grew stronger as they haven't met in eight months since they started chatting. Finally, Nev introduces sunny to Jamison which turn out to be lie and Jamison turn out to a girl named as Chelsea. Chelsea did this to take revenge for her old friend and she acts tough and says she had no feelings for him. But finally Nev introduces real Jamison to sunny at the end and Chelsea admits that she is a bisexual and thus sunny and Chelsea become good friends. The second episode was the story of Shawnise aka ‘Trina' who is an exotic dancer and meets a person named Lee aka ‘Scorpio' on Myspace the same web schedules happens and these two didn't meet for a year.

After this long chit chat, Nev investigates about Lee and the pictures of him as ‘Scorpio' are of a person named as Larry Drummer who is a model from Atlanta. Then Shawnees is introduced by Nev to Lee the truth is revealed that he is having four children instead of and he is actually 32 years old not 27 years old. Then Nev introduces Shawnees to real Larry Drummer and Lee says he's happy to be still friends with Trina but he still hopes that someday Trina will understand his love. The third instalment is about Kim and Matt who have a complicated love triangle background story overweight issue of Matt and his rejection from Kim due to this particular issue.

The fourth episode is about a texting conversation between Jasmine and Mike from 2 years without any physical meeting or even a talk on a phone and then Mike turns out to be a Missy a girl who is known to jasmine in real life. Rest all of the episodes are related to these type of web confusions except the 12th final episode which is about the reunion of all the people who are featured in previous episodes and Nev helped them to get out the solution. The last episode also determined their current status in regards to their old story.

Nev plays a role of identity a reveller and thus the Host Nev help different people with a different story and arrange first ever meeting of these virtual friends and then documents the impact on both of them. This is all to discover the true identity of their virtual romance who initiates contact with Schulman and Joseph to help them out is the true nature of the show. The deception from the catfish and all the stories are to teach people about the virtual world and the rise of feelings over transcendence screen.