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Burka Avenger is the animated television series of Pakistan. This show gives positive messages and concentrates on social issues. It does this in an entertaining yet educative manner.

This fictional story is created, written and directed by Aaron Haroon Rashid. Many more writers are involved in creating such series for kids. This pair is counted as a success of Pakistan. These have been dubbed in more than ten languages so that they can pass on this message to more and more people. The show is bankrolled by Unicorn Black and is 3d animated. 

Burka Avenger is Pakistan's first  ever animated woman superhero. Even Women's groups in India have given a nod to telecast this show in India. It is also the frequently watched kids' TV show in the country of Afghanistan. 

Jiya is a teacher who is indeed a motivation to others and her alter ego is a super woman Burka Avenger. Burka Avenger wants justice to everyone and also peace in the society. She wears a burka while fighting with the villains. Jiya works in an all-girls' school and she wages a battle with evil politicians and those who are keen on shutting down girls' schools. She makes use of martial arts for this. She gets the support of three children for fighting the wrong-doers. 

The show has won several awards including "One of the Most Influential Characters of 2013" by Times Magazine, Best TV Show by Asian Media Awards etc. 

Burka Avenger has already completed three seasons  and currently fourth season is running where the series has completed around 55 episodes of 22 minutes daily. Burka Avenger is a game-changing Pakistani cartoon where a girl is not leaving her tradition also and a giving a tough fight to men. She fights like a super heroine. The fourth season also delves into animal cruelty and deforestation. The show mainly focuses on leading the youngsters to a path of unity and courage.