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Bucket List Hindi OTHERS on NDTV Good Times

Bucket-List is an Indian television itinerary show, which explores the most exotic places across the world with a bag full of adventures. The show offers the ultimate to-do list for travel enthusiasts at fascinating destinations around the globe.It is a two-part travel series that airs on NDTV Good Times channel. The first part named as ‘Bucket list-Mauritius’, premiered on 5 June 2015, and airs on every Tuesday at 8:30 pm. The avid duo of Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma hosts the show. Rocky unravels Mauritius from beneath the blue seas while Mayur discovers it from high up in the sky.The duo shares their experiences of sailing over water, cruising into the soothing sunset, gratifying in Creole food, seeking into the nightlife and exploring their culture as well as introducing viewers to the wild side of Mauritius.

The famed duo of Rocky and Mayur have hosted an award winning show ‘Highway On My Plate’, whose book version won as the best celebrity cookbook at Gourmand Word Cookbook Awards in 2011. Their zeal to carry out the bucket list enthralls viewers and inspire travelers to go for their bucket list in this life only. The other part of the show is called ‘Bucket-List Costa Smeralda,’ hosted by Ambika Anand, the editor-in-chief, fashion at NDTV’s lifestyle channel and a famed Indian TV hostess. It was started on 4 September 2015, and airs on every Friday at 8:00 pm.AmbikaAnand has even hosted hugely popular, lifestyle & fashion shows like I’m Too Sexy For My Shoes, Band Baajaa Bride and much more. In the show, she makes a trip to Costa Smeralda, a 30 km stretch of the Italian island of Sardinia and one of the most expensive location in the Europe.

She checks off her bucket list by exploring the island. Her list includes shopping at its best around the island as she is a fashion trend setter, snorkeling, deep in blue seas and experiencing the life beneath them, having a meal cooked exclusively for her by a two-star Michelin chef and tossing the perfect Italian pizza are among the many others in her list. The two-part series is a delight to audiences who have a passion for travel and fond of adventures. The show solo motto is to motivate travel buff to move towards fulfilling their bucket list in this lifetime.