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Season three of the highest rated television show ever, Breaking Bad, premiered on 21 March 2010 and it concluded on 13 June 2010. It contained thirteen episodes, and each episode ran for forty-seven minutes. AMC on Sundays broadcasted it. Season three saw characters, Mike, Saul and Gus, being upgraded to the position of the main cast but it was not until season four that they were credited for every episode. Season two ended with a plane crash which saw the city of Albuquerque, going into a mode of panic.

While the city had yet to come to its normal state, Walter confessed to his wife about his adventures in the world of meth cooking. This further increases the tension between the two. Both of them agree to keep all this as a secret from the outside world. Jesse had been admitted into rehab, and after its completion, he uses his money to buy his parents house and gets started with cooking meth, but this time, he is on his own. Gus has offered Walt a job to cook meth for him, in his underground state of the art facility.

Walter is reluctant at first, but as soon as he learns about Jesse, he changes his mind and agrees to join Gus. In the lab, he is introduced to Gale, the chemist who set up the lab. Walter gets a sense of insecurity while working with Gale, and he replaces him with Jesse. Hank is hot on the search for Heisenberg. He gives up the chance to return to Mexico and instead focuses on the blue crystal meth. Hank starts looking for an RV and finds out that Jesse has one such kind of vehicle. Hank furiously starts punching Jesse, who is later admitted to the hospital.

Tuco's cousins have come from Mexico to take revenge for their brother. They want to kill Walter. Gus misdirects them, and as a result, they try to kill Hank. They ambush Hank in the parking lot and start assaulting him. Hank manages to kill one of them, but he is saved by the whisker of the skin. Both, Hank and the brother, are admitted to the hospital, with Hank being paralyzed from the waist below. Jesse shoots Gale and Gus kills his number one man.