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Harish, who belongs from Rishikesh, went to Mumbai for his friend marriage, Kishore, who belongs to Mumbai. Hareesh and Kishore are college friends, who had completed their Degree at Mumbai. Therefore, Harish with their friends planned to attend all the ceremonies and booked a room for some bachelors who belong from Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad and their names were Ragu, Rajeev, Badri, and Manu. All the guys got ready to attend sangeet party of Kishore, but unfortunately, these people got stuck in their room.

They called the receptionist of their hotel and said their problem, but the process took some time to open the door. These people were very hungry as they didn’t eat anything. They got the idea to prepare food by themselves and found some veggies bread, milk, Cabbage, etc… in their fridge, but none of them are good at preparing the food Mr. Rajeev took all the veggies from fridge to the kitchen, and the others carried knives and pans to prepare food. Mani looked out each veggies and started cutting them with the knife. As he doesn’t know how to cut,

Badri took the knife to cut the vegetables and as his grip of knife lost, he cut his finger. Ragu took the knife from Badri and tried for cutting the vegetables. Finally, they succeeded in cutting the vegetables. Everyone looked at each other faces as they don’t know how to prepare the curry. Harish got an idea to see the recipe on the internet and they copied the recipe. They lightened the pan and were finally done with the curry. All of them seated at their place and were ready to eat. Rajeev, who was very hungry, couldn't wait a second and put the food in his mouth as fast.

As he put the food in the mouth, he ran to the wash basin and all others followed Rajeev to see his condition and they realized that they are unsuccessful in preparing food After sometime door is unlocked and they all left for Kishore sangeet. There at sangeet party all of them were having a lot of fun and dances. Then all the Kishore friends went for dinner and surprised to see a lot of food items. They ate food and went to their room.