English Tv Show Away! Luxury Holidays With Arun Thapar

Away! Luxury Holidays With Arun Thapar Hindi OTHERS on NDTV Good Times

Arun Thapar was born in Iran and has been an anchor for almost 14 years. He has been creating content and concepts for 14 years now. He is also a producer and a scriptwriter. He has done many shows which include music, travel, comedy, etc. This show is all about travel. He has his own private jet and boat. He also travels in a car sometimes. He goes to different places on a luxury holiday and has lots of fun. He is very adventurous and likes to experience new things. He is always on the go and never at rest. He is very energetic. In this show, he is constantly exploring new places. He likes to go to new places and learn things about those places. He is interested in knowing the cultures of the places that he visits.

He likes to know about the deepest secrets of those places. He isn’t afraid of taking risks. His holiday is not always like a standard holiday. He also goes to risky places and performs little stunts. His happiness is all about travelling and getting to know new things. He is curious to go and know things rather than hear or read things. He also eat lots of food in the places he visits. Food from different places, different cuisines, different styles, ingredients, flavours, etc. He seems to be enjoying a lot of such things. He does all kinds of things he can do on his holiday. He is an adventurous by heart. He goes to Islands in his private jet and stays at resorts and has lots of fun.

He spends dollars and chills on the beach and drinks champagne and gets to eat awesome sea food which is mouth-watering. He also goes to barbeques and roast dinners. He also gets to have the best and the most amazing spa experiences of wherever he gets to stay on that holiday. He captures of all of this in a camera with the help of a camera person so that his fans can come along with him. He manages to do a very decent job of anchoring this travel show and this show now has a lot of fans. He is completely natural on camera and enjoys wholeheartedly, without even caring that a lot of people will be watching, and that’s what makes it so good and fun to watch. This brings out the adventure freak in you. To know more about his experiences, watch the show and get lost in traveling.