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American Digger is one of the demanded American reality television series. The show aired on Spike. The show seemed a lot as viewers became crazy over the storyline of the show. Frank Huguelet is the professional wrestler followed by the show. Huguelet has a company named American Savage. In which they search the United States historical artefacts. In another season of the show, the title was retitled with the name Savage Family Diggers, in this Savage's wife known as Rita and his Son Nick join the crew of the show. In 2012, August 7, Spike Tv launched the American Digger's renewed second thirteen episode season. The shoot of the new season started in 2012 and aired in the year 2013. The show aim's on Savage was to travel across the United States in search for buried realities.

The teams make an attempt in search of the locations that contains artifacts which can be attained by using variety of tools with shovel and metal detectors. For digging on their land the crew has to negotiate with the various owner's of the land. As there are so many Americans, which are protective the land. So it's quite harrowing to find locations to dig. Once when these artifacts are discovered, then they are taken to different collectors. They are then sold at that time between land owner and savage. In December, Spike Television made an announcement that American Digger was renamed as Savage Family Diggers. The second season of the show was launched on January 30, 2013.

The timings of the show are 10:00 p.m. The new name has some changes as Savage's wife and son became part of it. The show also becomes part of many controversies which includes, at the Univar of Florida Susan Gillespie One if the professor of anthropology criticised the show. With this show, he also insulted the National Geographic show by saying that these type of shows promote destruction and selling of artifacts. This is the main issue; they are part of our cultural heritage and patrimony.

The American Anthropological Association also protested the show's presentation about the archaeology. As in the serial, the presentation of archaeology is a treasure-seeking adventure. According to them, it is our collective heritage and dews up. It should be sold for monetary gain. The publisher of American Digger Magazine also filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in respect of Viacom. Whereas Viacom obtained a license of  the trademark.