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Africa  English TV SHOWS on Discovery Channel

Africa is seven-part series of documentaries about the continent Africa which had been telecast on Discovery channel. This shows was made to know about the hidden facts of the second largest continent in the world, Africa. It took more than four years for producing this show which had been co-produced by Discovery Channel and BBC.  The production team had to spend 1598 days in more than 79 locations across 27 countries of the African continent. They made use 21 different kinds of highly sophisticated cameras to shoot for more than 2000 hours about some of the spectacular things and the animal behaviour of the creatures in the jungles of Arica.

This series of documentaries have been made by the team members who made the award-winning natural history documentary ‘LIFE’. They unfolded many hidden secrets about Africa in this show. In this show, they filmed about the various animal behaviours, the natural wonders of Africa and the secrets behind them and some of the wildest things about Africa, about which we have never known.

We all are aware that Africa is the greatest and the wildest continent in the world. This show had been filmed with some of the highly developed cameras equipped in such a way that they can captures sounds using a microphone and have been operated with the help of lights of stars. At first, the crew members of this show travel to the south-west of the continent to see some of the largest gatherings of Rhinoceros on the earth. On their journey in Africa, they discovered many things. In Congo, they captured about Chimpanzees; the techniques and tools which they use for hunting. They caught some of the never seen before moments about lizards hunting for flies on the skin of sleeping lions. They have also captured two male giraffes having a knockout about domination in Namibian forests. They discovered about the brutality of some wildest animals in Kalahari desert. They explored through the dense forests of the Savannah grasslands and the drastic climatic changes of the largest desert in the world Sahara.  

The seventh episode of the series was hosted by the British naturalist David Attenborough; the show speaks about how Africa is growing faster compared to that in history and about the endangerment of some of the species in their jungles. He spoke on how African animals would be facing challenges in coming generations and how they have to adapt to the changing climatic conditions.