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‘We Bare Bears’ is a popular animated American sitcom directed by Manny Hernandez and created by Daniel Chong. Premiered on Cartoon Network, the show follows the adventure and interaction of three bear brothers namely Grizzly, Ice Bear and Panda and their layman attempts at harmonizing with the hominid world in the Bay Area of San Francisco. The pilot episode of ‘The Three Bare Bears’ made its world debut at the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival where it emerged victorious in the “Young Amsterdam Audience” category and it was aired over a year later on Cartoon Network’s feed for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Estelle performed the opening theme of ‘We Bare Bears’ with Ivan Barias being the music composer.

Produced under the banner of Cartoon Network Studios company with Carrie Wilksen the producer and Randy Myers the supervising producer, the show originally released on 27th July 2015 with Picture format 1080i (16.9 HDTV) and sound format in Stereo. The first season ended with 26 episodes on 11th February 2016. The second season began on 25th February 2016 and will terminate on 6th April 2017. The third season has been confirmed on 25th October 2016 and is slated to release on 10th April 2017. The central plot revolves around three bears and their endeavors to blend in with the mortal society by making amendments., companions, purchasing food and trying to become famous on the internet but this venture becomes a struggle for them as they cannot cope up with the sophisticated urban nature of the humans to their animal instincts.

One such significant feature of the show’s humor is attributed the bears’ ability to form the “bear stack” which serves them as their distinctive way of transportation. Among the three bears, Grizzly, “Grizz” for short (vocalized by Sam Lavagnino as a cub and Eric Edelstein as the grown-up) is a grizzly bear who is fun loving, the oldest and the leader of the brothers. Grizz is paradoxically highly amicable yet socially inept. Despite this, he persistently tries to befriend everyone he comes across. A group of fire-men rescued him from falling off a tree-top during a storm in his childhood. As was mentioned by Ice Bear, Grizz writes poems in English and is also a DJ and a beatboxer. The middle of the three brothers is Panda, nicknamed Pan-Pan by Grizz (voiced by Bobby Moynihan and Duncan Joiner as a cub). He is a tender-hearted, creative and undoubtedly the cutest bear among the three.

He gets embarrassed easily and has a lot less self-confidence. Panda is a vegetarian and is allergic to peanuts and cats. He loves Japanese culture as he likes Anime and enjoys eating Ramen. Voiced by Demetri Martin, Ice Bear is a polar bear and also the youngest brother who is often stoic. He speaks very less and mostly in the third person. He is multilingual and can speak in Korean, French, Japanese and Russian. Ice Bear is also able to talk and communicate with the pigeons as was revealed in the episode “Our Stuff.” In another chapter titled “My Clique” he is portrayed as a dancer, meticulous chef, piano player, a beginner at robotics, commendable at charade, welder and a mixed martial artist. Primitively raised by a Russian man named Yuri revealed in the section of “Yuri and the Bear,” Ice Bears learns to speak Russian. He resided peacefully until one day went afloat on an ice cruising its way to the Bay Area when Yuri tried to save him from the poachers.