English Tv Serial Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars English TV SERIALS on The CW

The mystery, drama, teen - drama, comedy - drama genre serial Veronica Mars had three marvelous seasons and was aired on the Warner Bros. Network channel for three years from September 2004 to March 2007. It had a mystery detective theme where the lead actress Veronica Mars ( Kristen Bell) unfolds secrets to help her affluent town, Neptune.

The series has a 6.8 rating out of a possible ten on IMDB. Every new episode finds Veronica (as a private eye) who is the daughter of a famous sheriff turned detective unravelling different individual cases/mysteries until one fine day she hears about the tragic death of her best friend Lilly Kane in high school, and finds out that her dad Sheriff Keith Mars has been removed from the position. As a counter, Sheriff opens up a private detective firm to solve the mystery and help the public. Whereas on the other hand, Veronica has already begun the investigation to solve the murder mystery with the help of her amateur detective skills and few of her friends.

Little did she know that this mystery was not like any other one she has solved till date or will solve in the future, this proves to be the most complex, mind - boggling mystery to be cracked by her while managing her life through her school and college. A few years later when she graduated with a law degree from college, she receives a call from Logan ( Jason Dohring) her ex - boyfriend in the middle of an interview with a New York law firm informing her the story of his accusation in a murder case which he did not commit and asks her to help him. Veronica tries to avoid her past life went ahead and found an attorney for her friend. But she soon turns suspicious of the case handling methods and style of the attorney she found and ultimately found herself stuck again in her lifestyle that she left behind a long time ago: of a detective.

The show further presents her struggle, investigations, chases, meeting Logan at the jail to gain as much information as possible and finally her case presentation in the courtroom in front of the judge as well as the jury. The show was greeted with open arms by the public. They really liked the suspense - story line as well as the outstanding performance by Kristen Bell in her role.