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Uncle Grandpa is an animated television serial that originated United States of America created by Peter Browngardt and developed the help of Audie Harrison and Phil Rynda. The show is directed by Bill Flores and Mark Bodnar while Audie Harrison, Casey Alexander, and Ryan Kramer are the supervisors. The chair of creative Director is held by Casey Alexander. Mike Conte and Tommy Meehan are the Music Composers of the title track. Peter Browngardt is the Executive Producer while Rossitza Likomanova and Audie Harrison are the Producers.

Tom Browngardt is responsible for the editing. Cartoon Network Studios is the production company behind the serial. Warner Bros. Television Distribution is the holder of the distribution rights. The show is conceptualized taking inspiration from the works of many renowned cartoonists like Don Martin, Gary Larson, Robert Crumb, and Tex Avery. The show revolves around a magician named Uncle Grandpa who is a very awkward and shy person. He has a huge mustache that covers most of his face, and his head is rectangular.

His appearance is comical but he is a genuinely nice man. He has a motor vehicle and a small fabric pouch with a zipper. This bag can also talk and is named Belly Bag. It contains all of his magical objects. His entourage includes Mr. Gus, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, and Pizza Steve. Mr. Gus is a talking dinosaur, who was an arch-rival of Uncle Grandpa. But later they became friends now he also protects him. Giant Realistic Flying Tiger is a cutout of a tiger's photo, and Pizza Steve is a talking slice of pizza. Using car he goes to the children's house to meet them.

On his visit, if he finds anyone of them in any problem, he helps them. Uncle Grandpa has weird eating habits. While solving the problems of the children that he meets, he lands into some funny and comic situations. The creator and developer of the show, Peter Browngardt, is also the voice of the main protagonist of the show. Eric Bauza, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Adam DeVine gave their voices to the characters of Belly Bag, Mr. Gus, and Pizza Steve respectively. The tiger is a female, and she doesn't speak.

However, she communicates with Uncle Grandpa by roaring. Cartoon Network is the channel that is telecasting the serial. It has run for a total of five seasons. It has won numerous nominations and Emmy Awards and is also popular among the child viewers