English Tv Serial The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries English TV SERIALS on The CW

As is evident from the name, The Vampire Diaries deals with supernatural elements. Kevin Williamson is the creator. Besides creating, Kevin is also the head writer and the executive producer along with Julie Plec. Marcos Siega, John Dahl, Guy Ferland, Kevin Bray, Ernest Dickerson, Rick Bota, J. Miller Tobin, David Barrett, Liz Friedlander, Joshua Butler, Dennis Smith, and David Von Ancken are the directors. It takes inspiration from L. J. Smith's novel named The Vampire Diaries. The characters are natives of Mystic Falls, a fictional town in Mystic Falls.

Two of its residents, Elena Gilbert and Jeremy Gilbert, a brother-sister duo, have lost their parents and are just about coping with it. Their aunt, Jenna, gets their custody. After their mother and father's death, Jeremy prefers being alone while Elena ends up falling in love with a guy named Stefan Salvatore. Stefan is a vampire. His brother, Damon, visits him in Mystic Falls. To quench his thirst for human blood, he begins to kill people randomly. Meanwhile, Bonnie Bennett, Elena's friend, discovers that Elena is a witch. Bonnie and all other friends help Elena in controlling her powers.

Bonnie's grandmother tries to aid her. During this period, Elena comes to know that she looks like Katherine Pierce, a lady who has been living since many centuries. She was also involved with the Salvatore brothers and converted them into blood-sucking beings to pit them against their father. As a result, Stefan killed him. Currently, she is inside a tomb which is below a church. Damon plans to rescue her. He also kills Lexi, Stefan's friend, and the brothers fall out over this. Simultaneously, Jeremy falls in love with a girl, but Damon bites her and makes her one of them.

Since she is unable to control her, Stefan has to murder her. It hurts Jeremy. Alaric, a new teacher, comes to the town with the intention of killing Damon as he assumes he is the killer of his wife. But Alaric comes to know about Damon's innocence, and they end up becoming friends. When Damon reaches near Katherine's tomb, he finds out that she is not there. In his search, he frees several other supernatural beings. A group named Founder's Council comes to know about this and decides to finish them off. Will they succeed? Will the brothers patch up? How will Elena and Stefan's story shape up? The storyline reveals all these answers and much more as it unravels. Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder play Elena Gilbert or Katherine Pierce, Stefan Salvatore, and Damon Salvatore respectively. The show was a huge success and also had several re-runs.