English Tv Serial The 4400

The 4400 English TV SERIALS on USA Network

The 4400, produced by CBS Paramount Network Television is a Science Fiction Television series which ran for Four Seasons from 11th July 2004 to 16th September 2007. It is a Netflix series, and due to its decreasing viewership, Netflix decided to cancel it in 2007. The season 1 was like a mini-season which featured only five episodes whereas the successive seasons had 13 episodes each. The pilot episode starts with a warning of a comet about to pass Earth when suddenly the comet stops midway and in a flash of light, a group of 4400 people who had completely disappeared from the face of earth earlier reappear. The date of disappearance of these people ranges from months to several years. The National Threat Assessment Command (NTAC), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, was given the charge of handling the return of the 4400.

Protagonist Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris are the team’s leads for investigating the return of 4400. But soon the 4400 start to manifest extraordinary abilities like telekinesis, telepathy, precognition, etc. Tom Baldwin’s Nephew Shawn Farrell was one of the 4400. Shawn Farrell had developed the power to heal, and with that ability, he revived Tom Baldwin’s son Kyle Baldwin who was left comatose during the events of Shawn’s disappearance. The Final episode made a shocking discovery about the vanishing of the 4400. They were not abducted by the aliens but were taken by the Future humans, and Kyle Baldwin was to be their “Link” to this period. Not much is revealed about Diana Skouris in the first season except for the fact that she had a difficult and tense relationship with her father and she had developed a Strong Motherly Bond with Maia who is one of the 4400.

The relationship between Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris in the start was not friendly as Diana has had her reservations about Tom who once went MIA. But as the season progresses, they became friends. The season 2 kicked off with a two-way episode, revealing the truth of the powers of 4400. They had a neurotransmitter, called Promicin, in their brain which gave them their powers. Things went downhill when Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris find that the government is injecting the 4400 with some Promicin inhibitor to counter the neurotransmitter. The inhibitor had a side effect in which the 4400 could develop immune deficiency which could be fatal. Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris spend the season trying to help the 4400 to counter some of the problems faced by them like blending among the general population as well as solving the riddle of inhibitor.

The cure for the 4400, the blood of infant Isabella, solved the problem of Promicin inhibitor. Infant Isabella was born to Lily Moore- a lady who had become pregnant when she went missing and was abducted by the Future Humans. This inhibitor incident gave way to season 3 where a group of people of 4400 had formed an organization called Nova which was initially intended to prevent the attacks on the 4400, but it later became a terrorist group which carried out various terrorist attacks on NTAC and other government organizations. The season revolves around Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris trying to save everyone from the Terrorist group. With another shocking revelation made in season 3, some of the future Humans are not in favor of the 4400.

With their exact motives not revealed, they had also sent their operatives at this point of time but nothing substantial happened. The season 4 saw the landing of Jordan Collier. The self-acclaimed Messiah made the Promicin shots available to general public in the hope of saving the humanity. But Promicin has a 50% success ratio which leads to the killing of many people. But with the ones who survived, he took over the Seattle from the US Government and renamed it into Promise City. All in all, it is a Science Fiction Show that leaves everyone on the edge of their seats.