English Tv Serial Power Rangers Mystic Force

Power Rangers Mystic Force English TV SERIALS on ABC

Power Rangers Mystic Force was actually the fourteenth season of Power Rangers. It’s an American television show. Power Rangers Mystic Force was from the genre action, adventure, and fantasy. And it’s a kind of superhero fiction. This series was telecast on Toon Disney/ Jetix from 20 February 2006. The total number of episodes of the show were 32. It’s said that whenever evil powers arise then good has to happen and eventually it does in one form or the other. This also takes place in Power Rangers Mystic Force whenever darkness rises then five heroes come and save the world from evil and those heroes are the power rangers. This group of five people was a team of five teenagers who eventually came to know about the secret Briarwood Forest (a place from where all mystical creatures live).

The leader of the monster team was a strong warrior named as Morton. He was the one with whom all those kids known as power rangers had to fight and they did their work brilliantly with a lot of bravery as compared to their age. They battled with the Wizards violently and fairly. This is how they fought and won over the darkness every time and hence were the heroes of the show. That is why the name of the series was power rangers. The shoot of the show was done in two different places Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand. It started when an earthquake came in the city of Briarwood. There came the evil to destroy it more with all darkness and harmful powers.

This was the cause of those teens to become power rangers. They fought with many small wizards and somehow managed to save their place. But from that day onwards they started helping everyone in need whenever they were informed of some injustice. Power Rangers did work in a single team and used their marvelous magic tricks along with their breath-taking martial arts. Later some wars took place and finally the positive powers won over the bad and the best part was that they got powers from bad itself. And then all the things came back to normal in Briarwood. This was the storyline of the show.