English Tv Serial Narcos Season 1

Narcos (season 1) English TV SERIALS on NETFLIX

Crime and criminals is a deadly combination and always makes for a compelling story. Narcos is one such plot. Chris Brancato, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard are the creators, writers and the producers. José Padilha, Guillermo Navarro, Andi Baiz, and Fernando Coimbra directors the episodes at different times. Dana Calvo, Andy Black, Dana Ledoux Miller, Zach Calig, Nick Scheme, Allison Abner are also the writers. It is available for viewing on NetFlix. It chronicles that life of Pablo Escobar, who is an infamous drug dealer and also the owner of billions of dollars.

Season one explores his life from the later years of 1970. Steven Murphy, an American nationalist working with the DEA of Columbia, is the narrator. Pablo first began to smuggle alcohol, household appliances, and cigarettes into Columbia. He then meets Mateo "Cockroach" Moreno, who is an illegal chemist and an exile from Chile. They decide to forge a partnership and smuggle cocaine. Moreno would make the cocaine and would distribute it. Steadily, their business began to grow, and they shift from a small lab to a large lab.

With the help of Carlos Lehder's expertise, they soon start to sell cocaine into the USA. When the matter grows out of hand, America sends some of its best men from the DEA to contain the issue in Columbia. Steven Murphy and his partner Javier Peña are the part of the task force. They try to restrain Escobar with the help of the Columbian authorities. Meanwhile, Escobar and the others are fighting their rivals M-19, who are well-versed with guerilla tactics. M-19 also kidnaps Marta, who is the sister of Ochoa brothers.

They are the drug dealers too. Escobar takes advantage of this situation and urges the drugs community to join hands and fight the M-19 together. They agree and form a group named Death to Kidnappers. This band aims to rescue Marta and also prohibit any more abduction plans. He also tries to enter politics by becoming a congressman. He harbors the wish to become the Columbia's President. However, people come to know about his criminal activities and hence everyone insults and ridicule him.

Murphy and teammates rejoice as the Columbian Government passes a law that allows the court to extradite guilty drug dealers. In a fit of rage, Escobar kills Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, who is an efficient lawyer and the Minister of Justice. Murphy and Peña catch Blackbeard, who works for Escobar as an accountant with concrete proof. They keep the evidence in a palace. But Escobar hires M-19 to burn the place down. He also tries to kill the president, but DEA saves him. The show contains more such gripping story line. Will DEA arrest Escobar or will he walk a free life? Wagner Moura plays the ruthless Escobar while Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal dons the hats of Steve Murphy and Javier Peña respectively. The series contains ten episodes and achieved both, critical acclaim as well as audience's love.