English Tv Serial Mom

Mom English TV SERIALS on CBS

Mom is an American TV series which was started on 2013 September and premiers on CBS channel. It is a well-crafted series, appreciated and applauded by the American audience. It deals with alcoholism, drug addiction, cancer, death, teen pregnancy, rape, miscarriage, etc. The drama has the most female characters, as it follows the life of a single mother and her daughter. It shows the lifestyle of three generations of a family, all connected in one way or the other. Christy – a single mother, her mother, and her granddaughter Violet. Christy restarts her life after quitting alcohol. She begins to work as a waitress to support her family.

The family has a history of dealing with alcohol and drug addiction. The characters in the drama have a story of repeating their parents' mistakes. Christy’s daughter, Violet becomes pregnant with her boyfriend at the age of 19, repeating the same pattern of her mother. Christy became an alcoholic as her mother was also a victim of this addiction. This series started in 2013 and currently, it has completed its seven seasons.