English Tv Serial Friends Conditions Apply

Friends Conditions Apply English TV SERIALS on Channel V

Friends: Conditions Apply is a teenage fictional drama that aired on Star Network’s Channel V. The show was part of Star’s attempt to cater to the youth market with new and bold content. The show was produced by KabirSadanand under his company’s banner – Frog Unlimited. The show went on a hiatus during the 2015 Cricket World Cup. The network wanted to resume the show after the world cup however the idea never materialized, and the show was cancelled without an ending. The show’s original title was ‘EkDinn.’

The show stars Nitin Chauhan and ShivaniTomar in title roles. Nitin was a participant in various reality shows and fictional dramas. Shivani is an established daily soap actress and has acted in at least six soap operas. The show provided a platform to a lot of upcoming talent in the form of supporting cast members. The show follows the story of Shakti Rai, played by ShivaniTomar. Shakti and her friends are the part of the elite class of society and enjoy the lifestyle that comes along with it.

However behind this glamorous lifestyle is Shakti’s troubled past. She witnessed the murder of her parents when she was just a kid. This incident affects her terribly which leads to severe anxiety disorder. The only person close to Shakti is RajneilPurohit, played by Amit Behl. Rajneil takes her responsibility and acts as her guardian. Shakti also has a childhood friend whom she regards as her elder brother – Murli, played by Nitin Chauhan. Years later when Shakti is enjoying her life, she hears that her guardian Rajneil is a convict and currently serving a term in jail.

This comes as a shock to Shakti, and she believes that Rajneil is innocent. She is firm in her belief and vows to free her guardian. To fulfil her wish, she devises a cunning plan with the help of Murli. Shakti plans to kidnap her friends, who are the children of the ruling class of the nation. She then hopes to pressurize the government in freeing her guardian in exchange for the kids. She finds the perfect target in her friends and kidnaps them. However, what follows is an interesting turn of events.

The plot thickens, and Shakti starts to see the consequences of her actions. Her past catches up with her as she tries to make her plan work and free Rajneil. The show was taken off air quite prematurely and was not allowedto complete its story. However, the plot is still interesting and showcases the changing dynamics of friendships in modern times.

Another Version Story:

This is a Channel V show which aired on 8th December. The actor who turned into producer Kabir Sadanand is the producer of the show under the Frog Unlimited productions. The show is under thriller genre. The show was last aired on 4th February. The lead of the show is Shivani Tomar as Shakti Rai who was forced to see the murder of her parents at a very tender age. She lost everything, and the only man to she could look up to be her guardian, Rajneil Purohit.

She also has a childhood friend Murli who she recognizes as her elder brother. Shakti was suffering from an anxiety attack after the incident, and took medications for it. After many years she gets to know that her guardian is in prison, and wants to release him. She cooks up a plan with her friends to kidnap rich kids, and as a ransom, ask the authorities to release Rajneil. The plan eventually works out, but in the way, she finds out many truths.