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Dinosaur Train is an animated television series which is created by Craig Barlett. The story of the show is about a preschool age Tyrannosaurus named Buddy who is rescued and hatched by a Pteranodon. Buddy realises that he is pretty different from his siblings. Due to his growing enthusiasm to learn more and more about himself as well as about other dinosaurs, his adoptive mother takes her on certain educational adventures where they also will be able to meet other dinosaurs and also learn about many other new things and also new creatures.

The journey is done on a train run by the dinosaurs that cross magic tunnels and takes them to the past and different pre-historic eras. They go to have a different kind of adventures with many other types of dinosaurs. The Jim Henson Company produces the show. Dinosaur Train is in an imaginary prehistoric world of swamps, jungles, active volcanoes, and oceans that have numerous different types of dinosaurs and other animals all of which is connected by this Dinosaur Train. The train is also such that it can customise itself for all type of creatures.

The Troodons, which are the smartest dinosaurs in the fictional world, run the train. The train circles the whole universe and also crosses oceans and inland seas and adding to that it even stops to let the travellers visit the prehistoric animals in the sea. The show takes the viewers through the entire Mesozoic Era which was the time of the dinosaurs and thus taking everyone into different time periods. All of this is seen and experienced by the viewers through the eyes of Buddy, the lead character. He is curious to learn and know things and facts about the different types of dinosaurs and in the process he also comes to know about himself. He comes to know about the difference between the various species of dinosaurs and how they are separate from each other.

Buddy is the main character voiced by Philip Corlett, Sean Thomas, and Dayton Wall. Claire Corlett voices Tiny Pteranodon. There are various segments in the show. The run timing of Dinosaur Train was about 28 minutes. It is more of learning and educative one rather than just providing entertainment. The show belongs to the United States, Canada, and Singapore. There have been about four seasons and a total of eighty-nine episodes. The show aired on the channel Zee Q in India.