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English Tv Serial CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation English Tv serials on Youtube channel

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the most acclaimed American crime-based television series that was aired on CBS. The show was premiered on October 6, 2000 and ended on September 27, 2015. The show was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television, owned by American film and television producer, 'Jerry Bruckheimer' and CBS Productions. In the fall of year 2006, it was produced by the CBS Paramount Television and after three years, the CBS Television Studios took over. Previously, it was co-produced by the redundant, Alliance Atlantis Communications, which company’s interest in CSI is now under the GS Capital Partners, a Goldman Sachs affiliate. CBS got the AAC’s international distribution rights to the show, however, the non-US DVD distribution rights did not vary.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was shot at Universal Studios in California. It chases Las Vegas Criminalists or the Crime Scene Investigators who works at the Las Vegas Police Department, as they gather physical evidence in resolving murder cases. It is a combination of deduction, persistent topic and a character-driven mystery drama series. Subsequently, CBS included a spin offs of both CSI: NY and CSI: Miami, but the two was later canceled after airing few seasons. Last 2014, CBS also added another spin off entitled, CSI: Cyber from the CSI episode entitled, Kitty.

The series was known as one of the most popular drama series in the international festival called, Monte-Carlo Television Festival and gave the series a three-time International Television Audience Award for Best Television Drama Series. It even received several nominations and had won many awards. It also spawned various media projects such as video games, books, exhibits and television shows. The CSI was broadcasted for about 15 seasons and considered as the longest running primetime television series (scripted non-animated). It surpasses other television shows like, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and overall it was credited as the 7th longest running television series (scripted non-animated).

Forensic Investigators in Las Vegas are normally trained by investigating the evidence. They work on each case 24/7a week, rubbing the crime scenes, gathering evidences and locating all the missing pieces that will help them in solving the case. Originally, Gilbert Arthur ‘Gil’ Grissom (played by 'William Petersen'), a CSI night shift supervisor headed the team; but now, after heading the Seattle Crime Lab, Diebenkorn ‘D.B.’ Russell (played by 'Ted Danson') arrives to the team. Julie Finlay (played by Elisabeth Shue) was also added to the team. She is an expert in blood spatter and recently worked with D.B. Russell back in Seattle. Nick Stokes (played by 'George Eads') acts as the scruples of the team. He is always driven by his poignant attachment to the victim to resolve the case he is handling. Sara Sidle (played by Jorja Fox) is a forensic scientist who is always persistent in chasing the criminals. Greg Sanders (played by 'Eric Szmanda') is a tech analyst who became a spontaneous crime solver. Morgan Brody (played by 'Elisabeth Harnois') from the L.A. Crime Lab is a brilliant investigator. The CSI team also works with Detective Jim Brass (played by 'Paul Guilfoyle'), who acts as their protector. David Hodges (played by 'Wallace Langham') is a tech who got several talents and Dr. Albert Robbins (played by 'Robert David Hall'), a medical doctor.