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Published by Marvel Comics, Ben 10 is an American animated series titled by ‘Renegade Animation’, produced by Cartoon Network Studios and created by a group of comic book writers Joe Casey, Steven T. Seagle, Duncan Rouleau and Joe Kelly of Man of Action Studio. Season one’s pilot chapter was broadcast on 27th December 2005 in the United States. Written by Andy Strummer and theme song sung by Mz. Moxy the series spanned for a total of four seasons and fifty-two episodes each of twenty-two minutes running time.

Belonging to the action- adventure- science fiction genre, the plot centers around a ten-year-old boy Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson vocalized by Tara Strong. Ben is immature and cracks jokes even during intense, grave situations, but he is also a good- hearted, loyal and noble ‘friend- in- need' kind of a person saving both human beings and aliens alike. Resourceful, shrewd and intelligent because of his ‘edetic memory', he rescues the world from supernatural entities and space- aliens by using his mysterious watch-like pod called the "Omnitrix'. It enables him to transform into ten different alien forms each possessing its unique powers. During his cross- country summer holidays with cousin Gwen (voiced by Megan Smith), an intelligent, dexterous techie and martial arts expert who inherited some of her hidden magical super powers from Grandma Verdona Tennyson, they unite to save the world together along with Grandpa Max (voiced by Paul Eiding). With his newly discovered super powers,

Ben accepts the responsibility of a hero thereby fighting and eliminating the threats. Vilgax, Zs’ Skyar/ Ghost freak, Charmcaster, Kevin Levin, Dr. Aloysius Animo and Driscoll/ Forever King were some of the main antagonists of this show. The show consists of four main seasons namely Ben 10 (2005 TV series) followed by ‘Alien Force’, ‘Ultimate Alien’ and ‘Omniverse’. Cartoon Network ‘s official Twitter feed approved Ben 10: Reboot following Ben, Gwen and Max’s escapades with new alien forms emerging out from the Omnitrix. ‘Secret of the Omnitrix’ is the principal consistent animated television film to be premiered.

A CGI film Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens debuted on 11th March 2012 in Asia and on 23rd March 2012 in the United States. ‘Alien Swarm' and ‘Race Against Time' were two theatrical films alongside ‘Protector of the World' and Cartoon Network Universe: Fusion Fall. Thomas Perkins won ‘The 34th Daytime Emmy Awards’ for ‘Outstanding Individual in Animation’ in the year 2007 for the original series. Robert Selda, Robert Hargreaves and John Hegedes won ‘The 36th Daytime Emmy Awards’ in the category ‘Outstanding Sound- Mixing and Live Action and Animation’ for ‘Alien Force’ in the year 2009. Carlos Sanchez also won in the same group after four years, in 2014.