English Tv Serial Awkward

Awkward English TV SERIALS on M TV

Awkward is an American teenager comedy show created by Lauren Iungerich in MTV. The show story is based on the life of American teenagers, the love triangles and love stories, the ups and downs and the journey from beginning to end. The series has five seasons and each season has its significance and plot. The main centre of attraction is a girl naming Jenna Hamilton, of California a teenager who struggles with her own identity, and her love life which is continually strangled with her desires and wants. Jenna Hamilton, teenager girl being in her own world loses her virginity in a summer camp to Matty McKibben and develops feelings for him.

They keep this as a secret but Jenna tells her two best friends Tamara and Ming about that. Later after coming back from the summer camp she receives a care- frontation letter from an anonym’s identity calling her a loser, which breaks her heart and also due to the unusual disturbance in her mind she falls, trying to hide the letter and breaks her arm. The accident looks like a suicide attempt and she being criticized by her friends. To get over it, she thinks to reach out for help which leads her to be bold and renowned enough. As she continues her secret relationship with Matty, she gets to know that Matty’s friend Jake has a crush on her.

Jake asks Jenna for the Winter formal, and she accepts it, taking the first step for their relationship. Jake and Jenna continues to have a relationship in the meanwhile Jenna gets to know that the brutal letter was written by her mother, which leads her parents to get separated and somehow to bring them together and thinks as all was Jenna fault she decides to bring them back together. While all this going on Jake gets to know about the secret relationship of Jenna and Matty and goes to confront her but eventually witnesses Jenna kissing Matty which leads to aggression between two guys. At the end, Jenna was asked to choose between the two and she stays with Matty thinking she is in love with her.

Jake moved on and kissed Tamara, Jenna’s friend and they get along together being in a relationship. As a matter of fact, more issues has been created in the further seasons resulting in many hook ups and patch ups, Being jealous of Tamara’s new look and popularity Jenna takes few nasty decisions. After attending the creative content writing class, Jenna gets involved with Collin and Matty finds it out and eager to forgive her, but she chooses Collins and gets involved in smoking pots and getting suspended. Eventually, she gets isolated from her friends and after realization, and her new motto was to get focused on her academics and get good grades to get into her college. Everyone gets into a different direction, Jake being into music making, and Matty gets a job.

As for Matty and Jenna becomes friends with benefits and meanwhile Jenna gets attracted to Luke , college fresher man and that misbalances her so called relationship with Matty but as she is with Luke she understands that she still loves Matty but Matty being in a relationship with other girls Gabby, she decides to get their way separated. As time passes by, everyone is involved in their work and Gabby and Matty breaks up as Gabby hooked with Jake. This subconsciously triggers Matty’s heart that he should approach Jenna and confront her. As he walks down to beach watching Jenna having a date, he stares her from a distance with many questions pounding in his head.