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Alias was an English action television series that ran on ABC for five seasons from 2001 to 2006. Alias was produced by Bad Robot Productions and Touchstone Television. JJ Abrams was the director for all five seasons. The show had a star-studded cast like Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, and Ron Rifkin. The show was received quite well on its original release and was listed as one of the top ten shows that were aired in 2003. The show revolves around Sidney Bristow, played by Jennifer Garner and her family.

Sidney gets involved in the espionage and spy operations during her undergraduate studies. The show tracks her as she tries to maintain her secret identity from her family and friends while simultaneously performing her duty. The show also has side storylines including the Rambaldi artifacts, which are precious and historically important creations of the Renaissance-era figure Milo Rambaldi. The show also takes creative liberties with the technologies used and hence borders on the genre of science fiction. During her undergraduate days, Sidney Bristow is approached by a person claiming to work for the Central Investigative Agency.

Sidney accepts the job and now works as a spy for the SD-6, which she believes to be a highly classified division of CIA. She reveals her new job to her fiancé, Danny. However, this does not bode well with SD-6 and Danny is murdered due to him knowing about SD-6. Sidney later finds out that SD-6 is not a part of the CIA, but the enemy of United States. She then offers to work for the CIA as a double agent. She also learns about her father, Jack Bristow who is also a part of the SD-6. The first season establishes the character of Sidney and people around her.

The second season focuses on Sidney’s mother. In this season, Sidney destroys the SD-6 from inside and starts working regularly for CIA. She is chasing after the former SD-6 leader, Arvine Sloane. Sidney discovers the truth about her friend, which leads to confrontation and her being unconscious for two years. She wakes up in Hong Kong and her friends believe her to be dead. However, she was brainwashed and used as an assassin by the terrorist organization – The Covenant. The next three seasons focuses on how Sidney attempts to regain her memory and investigate her absence. During this, she discovers shocking secrets about CIA and her family, especially her father – Jack Bristow. The series ends as Sidney tries to know all about her parents and the operations run by CIA, while hoping to put an end to it all and enjoy a peaceful life with her family and friends