English Awards Screen Actors Guild Awards 2015

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2015 English tv-shows on YouTube Channel
Event:                   21st Screen Actors Guild Awards
Sponsor:                People Magazine
Venue:                    Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles, California
Date:                       January 25, 2015
Live Telecast:        TNT and TBS
Screen Actors Guild Awards 2015 - This event is the first awards night that will ever happen every year. Actors and actresses always dream of having the iconic trophy to be part of their career. As the red carpet swarms with dashing debonair and glamorous females in their night gowns or chosen dresses, viewers, fans, and critics have their own way to predict who will be the winners of the prestige awarding ceremony.
The event did not showcase an entire event host rather pulled out high-profile actors and actresses. This includes, Jared Leto, Lupita  Nyong’O, Colin Farrell,  and the rest of the selected stars to present awards. This is known to be the most enjoyed awarding ceremony; you’ll really see that the rest of the actors do smile for having free drinks and perks.
For movies, Outstanding Performance by Male Actor in Leading Role was given to shaking and nervous Eddie Redmayne for portraying Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking for the movie “The Theory of Everything.” This depicts the colorful biographical story of one of the most intelligent man ever layed foot on Earth and suffers from motor neurone disease.  Julianne Moore made a great illustration of a person that suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and bagged the award for Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role for “Still Allice.”J. K. Simmons received Outstanding Male Actor in a Supporting Role for the movie “Whiplash” as Terence Fletcher. The award Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role was given to emotional Patricia Arquette for the movie “Boyhood.” The casts of “Birdman” took home the Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture for the biggest award. This depicts the struggles of a man to win back his family and career in the midst of her stage play. They’ve showed a good example of a unified team. This event honored Debbie Reynolds for her exemplified works in her career as Carrie Fisher announced it with grace and whole heartedly.
It is not a surprise as Mark Ruffalo secured the award for Outstanding Male Actor in Miniseries and TV Movie for the “Normal Heart” a sad story of people emerging in the social consciousness about AIDS.  Frances McDormand brought home the award as Outstanding Female Actor for TV Movie and Miniseries. Kevin Spacey, with no doubt took Outstanding Male Actor for Drama Series as Frances Underwood in the “House of Cards”, a story of a congressman that buys his way to become Secretary of State by supporting aspiring presidency candidate. The Outstanding Female Actress in reciprocal was given to Annalise Keating. Willaim H. Macy took home the award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Comedy for “Shameless” and for female; the award was given to Uzo Aduba for the portrayal of inmate Suzanne Warren. “Downton Abbey” got the award for Outstanding Ensemble Cast, one the best performances of her Dame Maggie Smith. A story of a family that loses the successors that shall rule their family after the Titanic incident. All was left to rule where all women. “Orange is the New Black” for Outstanding Ensemble – Comedy.
This event can be considered to be bigger than Oscars and the rest, as it unifies both movie actors and television alike come together and celebrate their accomplishments, disregarding differences and honoring one another. The director, staffs and producers of the said event was well praised for having such continuous and uninterrupted ceremony. These only shows that they are well prepared for any unforeseen problems may arise during the awards gala.