Bengali Web Series Hello Season 3

Hello Season 3 Bengali WEB SERIES on Hoichoi

Hello (season 3) is the sequel to the 2018 namesake hit series. Hello follows the story of Nandita (RaimaSen), and Ananyo (Joy Sengupta), and their troubled married life because of Ananyo’s philandering ways. Nina (PriyankaSarkar), Ananyo’s lover, who was initially playing a sly character, turns out to be an ally for Nandita. She harbours Nandita as she separates from her husband. They both develop a mutual understanding and their relationship develops into friendship. Nina has been in love with Nandita since their college days. Nandita, unaware of Nina’s feelings or existence in college, was in a committed relationship with Rangit (Saheb Bhattacharya). However, Rangit gets framed for rape and has a mental breakdown. He gets rusticated from the college. Thus, frustrated and ashamed, he leaves town without informing Nandita, abandoning her and their relationship.

Now, unexpectedly, Rangit appears in front of Nandita after fifteen long years. Meanwhile, Nandita files for divorce in court. As the story progresses, it turns out that the chief antagonist of Nandita’s life had always been Nina. She had framed Rangit with false rape charges. Likewise, she had hatched the entire Ananyo fiasco just so that she could have Nandita all for herself. The story finally ends with Nandita learning the truth and Nina confessing to her crimes. Nandita and Rangit start afresh with her two children, Jojo and Munya. Hello is a thriller drama series and rightfully justifies its categorisation. Raima Sen and Priyanka Sarkar have excellently portrayed their characters. This series is directed by Saumik Chattopadhyay, and streaming on Hoichoi and MX Player apps. This 12-episode season is a good watch.