Bengali Tv Show Krishi Darshan-Bangla

Krishi Darshan-Bangla Bengali TV SHOWS on DD Bangla

Krishi Darshan (Bangla) translates to Agriculture Vision. It is a televised show on DD Bangla. The show originally in Hindi premiered on the 26th of January, 1967, on the DD National channel. Later, it was also aired on DD Kisan. The Bengali-language version of the show airs on DD Bangla. Viewers can also watch it on DD Bangla’s official YouTube channel. Krishi Darshan is a show meant for people in the raw produce line, mainly horticulture, farming, fishery, and animal rearing industries. The show invites over experts and specialists regarding any issue raised by the viewers for providing the absolute and formidable knowledge required. The team is dedicated and aimed at rural farming and animal husbandry communities.