Bengali Tv Show Barir Naam Bhalobasa

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Barir Naam Bhalobasha is a three-part story narrated by Priyanka Dhar. The story is about a man named Adrijo and a young woman named Chini. Adrijo belongs to a wealthy family and mostly stays abroad. However, due to a family occasion, he comes home and decides to stay on for a while longer. His family house is named ‘Bhalobasha’ to depict the strong bond of love that keeps the family residing in it together.

Chini, on the other hand, is a strong, independent, and bubbly woman who loves to stand up for herself and everyone who faces injustice in society. She is a professional photographer and a relative of Adrijo’s sister-in-law. She is also staying with Adrijo’s family for the occasion and her job. Their first meet turns out to be a disaster, with Adrijo getting angry at her, which leads her to banter back right at him.

However, after a few days, their unfriendly banter subsides a bit, and a new friendship blossoms between the two. How they gradually fall in love after this constitutes the rest of the story.