Bengali Tv Serial Singhalagna

Singhalagna Bengali TV SERIALS on Sun Bangla

Singhalagna is a fictional drama on the Sun Bangla channel. It premiered in 2020. The show is available to stream on the YouTube channel managed by Sun Bangla. Sun Bangla is a sister channel managed by the Sun Network Group based in Chennai. Popular TV actress, Sudipta Banerjee, played a negative role in the serial. Singhalagna narrates the story of Lagna and Surya. An evil tantric, Mahakal, had cursed the Roy Chowdhury family. In retrospect, no male child of the third generation was to survive beyond the age of 13 years. On Surya’s fourteenth birthday, a bad omen occurs. A worried Rajmata Chandralekha seeks the help of their family priest, Shankarananda. He foresees death in Surya’s future.

Shankarananda informs Rajmata about the curse. He advises her to get Surya married immediately, provided the girl is a Leo. Coincidentally, the family’s gardener, Nakul’s daughter, Lagna, fits the description. When Shankarananda lays his eyes upon Lagna, he realizes she is the one for Surya. To protect the Roy Chowdhury lineage, the family gets Surya and Lagna married. The story follows Surya and Lagna’s life with a curse looming overhead. Meanwhile, Avantika (Mahakal’s wife) is hell-bent on fulfilling the curse. Surya and Lagna share a caring friendship. Meanwhile, Lagna acts as a shield for her husband.