Bengali Tv Serial Rashi

Rashi Tamil Tv serials

Rashi is a Bengali television serial which was aired on Zee Bangla channel. The serial is about the tale of the woman power and the life of Rashi. She used to battle for the sake of others. Rashi was never reluctant in helping other people who is in trouble. She is a woman who is rebellious at heart and truth is her only defense to everything. She is also fond of writing and she expresses herself by means of writing. Rashi is an astonishing girl next door. She can sacrifice herself for the sake of justice and she is most willing to defend against any injustice. 

Rashi got married to the son of a renowned politician and industrialist. By nature, Rashi is a dissenting and a fearless woman. Her mother-in-law loves her son very much; however, she doesn’t like Rashi to be part of his son’s life. Rashi’s husband doesn’t love her at first, but eventually, he learned to love Rashi and they turned out to be a perfect couple. Later, Rashi’s husband lost his memory. Rashi vanished after their mother attempt to murder them. 

Rashi is also a zodiac sign from which a person was born. It signifies a strictly encrypted fortune, unparalleled and unyielding. In the serial, the protagonist role of Rashi was played by Geetoshri Roy opposite with Indranil, who played the main lead role in the serial. Rashi serial is Geetoshri’s debut in the television industry. She is a trained classical dancer and it was her first time to act in a television show. Her father wants her to be a teacher and so she refuses many offers from the acting industry. Until, some of her friends and dance teachers told her to audition for a role in a serial and she got the opportunity to play the main lead role as Rashi. Swagata Mukherjee, Tulika Basu who played the role of Sarbojaya and Debesh Roy was also part of the serial. 

Rashi was one of the most renowned Bengali television serial that premieres on year 2012 and is still running up to the present.

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