Bengali Tv Serial Mompalok

Mompalok Bengali TV SERIALS on Sun Bangla

Mompalok is a Bengali drama series which deals with a romantic story where music plays a very significant role. The three main characters of the story are called Riju, Mome and Palok. Riju is a very skilled and talented singer and is close to Mome. On the other hand, Mome and Palok are very close friends and consider one another to be sisters. The show deals with how their relationship affects Mome and Palok’s friendship after Riju meets Palok.

Later the show deals with their marriages with the two brothers Riju and Romit. The marriages turn out to be loveless but the two friends face many obstacles to turn it into a loving one. The series stars ‘Sayantaan Sarkar,’ ‘Dona Bhowmik’ and ‘Ahiri Biswas’ in lead roles. The show aired on 26th April on Sun Bangla. It can also be watched on MX Player.