Bengali Tv Serial Kone Bou

Kone Bou Bengali TV SERIALS on Sun Bangla

'Kone Bou' is a Bengali serial on Sun Bangla that focuses on the topic of human trafficking. A young, simple woman named Koli gets kidnapped by some people who plot to sell her in the business of human traffickers. Mahi, a fellow strong, brave, and intelligent woman manages to save her and free her from the grasp of the kidnappers. She offers Koli shelter in her house and in a few days, an ugly truth rears its head. It turns out that Mahi’s fiancé Parijat is involved in the whole ordeal of human trafficking and it was he who was behind the kidnapping of Koli.

After learning  this truth, Mahi decides to teach him a lesson and cancels the wedding. Instead, she forces Parijat to take responsibility for Koli and forces him to marry her. How Koli manages to deal with her new life and husband along with several other obstacles and whether if Parijat’s behaviour changes for the better is what constitutes the rest of the serial.