Bengali Tv Serial Keshav

Keshav Bengali TV SERIALS on Sun Bangla

Keshav is a superhero drama on the Sun Bangla channel. It premiered in 2019. The show is available to stream on the YouTube channel managed by Sun Bangla. Sun Bangla is a sister channel managed by the Sun Network Group based in Chennai. Child actor Aviroop Karmakar played the role of Keshav, while Akash Tiwari portrayed Lord Krishna. Keshav is the story of a young boy who is believed to be blessed by Lord Krishna. Keshav has superpowers to fight evil. He lives with his parents, Nanda Ghosh and Yashoda. Being a kind-hearted boy, Keshav is always at the forefront.

He helps people in need. With his superpowers, he can sense evil. During such times, he enters a trance state and his soul travels to the realm of Dwaparyug’s Krishna. Krishna thereafter guides Keshav in his endeavours against injustice in Kalyug.