Bengali Tv Serial Kacher Manush

Kacher Manush  Bengali TV SERIALS on ETV Bangla

Kacher Manush is a Bengali drama serial that aired on ETV Bangla and is based on the novel written by Suchitra Bhattacharya. The serial tells the story of a joint family based in an 80s’ Bengal. Titir is a young girl who has just finished her higher secondary education. Her grandfather is an ailing man who holds the whole family together, while her father is an alcoholic. Other members of the family include Sudip, Runa, Titir’s second uncle named Kandarpa, and Bappa. Bappa, Titir’s elder brother, applies for the job of a sailor and wants to move out of the family unable to take any more drama from the family.

Indrani, Titir’s mother, is the sole breadwinner for the family of four because of her alcoholic husband Aditya. She has suffered major chaotic heart-shattering events one after another which have gradually taken a toll on her. However, Aditya’s condition is not without a reason. Indrani’s ex, Subhasish, keeps visiting her and mixes in well with the entire family which pushes Aditya further into the depths of anxiety.

The story explores more about the lives of Subhasish and each of the other characters, who all have problems of their own. When Titir’s grandfather dies, the ties that bind the family together are set loose, leading to a major turn in events, The serial continues to grip on several emotional clashes and keeps the audience on edge.